2012 Star-Spangled Banner Proof Five-Dollar Gold Coin

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2012 Star-Spangled Banner Proof Five-Dollar Gold Coin


The obverse (heads side) design of the 2012 Star-Spangled Banner Commemorative Gold Five-Dollar Coin is emblematic of the theme "The Battles at Sea During the War of 1812." It depicts a naval battle scene from the War of 1812, with an American sailing ship in the foreground and a damaged and fleeing British ship in the background.

The reverse (tails) design is emblematic of the theme "The Star-Spangled Banner" (the song). It depicts the first words of the Star-Spangled Banner anthem, O say can you see, in Francis Scott Key's handwriting against a backdrop of 15 stars and 15 stripes, representing the Star-Spangled Banner flag.


Weight: 8.359 grams nominal
Diameter: 0.850 inch (±0.003) or 21.59 mm (±0.08)
Composition: 90 percent gold, 10 percent alloy
Mintage Limit: 100,000 across all product options
Place struck: United States Mint at West Point ("W" mint mark)

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