1917 D Mercury Dime NGC MS63

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1917 D Mercury Dime NGC MS63

Mint: Denver
Mintage: 9,402,000
Obverse Designer: Adolph A. Weinman
Reverse Designer: Adolph A. Weinman
Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.9000
Weight: 2.5000g
ASW: 0.0723oz
Melt Value: $1.72 (10/30/2020)
Diameter: 17.8mm
Edge: Reeded

Though overshadowed by its famed brother of the previous year, the 1917-D dime is nearly as scarce in Mint State and the higher circulated grades. Gems are very difficult to locate, and the majority of Mint State 1917-D dimes lack full bands.

This issue was coined with dies of the both the old and new obverse master hubs (see 1917 Philadelphia for descriptions). The Type of 1916 (T16) dimes are more common, with those of the new obverse being relatively scarce.*

*From NGC Coin Explorer

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